Can we talk about TP?

If you’re a traveler, I’m betting you’ve run across this situation in your travels.  You’re seated on the toilet in your hotel room taking care of bodily function business, and when it’s time to reach for the toilet paper, you can’t get what you need because the roll is jammed tightly against the spare roll that’s in place behind it!  OTight toilet paperh, how clever the housekeeping staff is in that they’ve figured out a way to keep two rolls of TP in your room so that you don’t run out.  You  know what I’m talking about, and you know it’s a bitch to work with.

As you grab for 3 or 4 squares, you can’t get even 1 out!  The harder you pull, the quicker to rip.  And the ‘finesse’ approach doesn’t work either because the geniusly-placed spare roll is so tight, you can’t move it even with gentle tugs.  Now it takes two hands to free the toilet paper, sometimes to the point of having to remove the roll.  WTF.

Can a business traveler get a little love?  Is it too much to ask housekeeping to use common sense before jamming the spare roll in place?  Here’s an idea – if the existing roll is brand new, don’t place a fucking spare roll behind it.  All better now.

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