President Obama – Not a bad Egg

Really enjoyed President Obama’s state of the union speech the other night – the last one he’ll deliver in his role as president.  He handled himself with grace and measure as he spoke to us, the people, not defending his time in office over the past year but rather, telling us what to expect and how to succeed as we move forward.

He spoke with purpose and passion and despite all the craziness in the world over the past year, he reminded us that we are part of a great nation and that is the basis of how we can move forward as a united people.

He’s disappointed me at times over the past seven years and I think it was because I expected he’d fix ALL our problems, and right away.  Looking back, he’s made an impact for the better in so much of what goes on around us that I’m certain of two things:  first, that history will show he was one of the greatest leaders this nation has ever had, and second, that he’s not a bad egg after all.  😉

One thought on “President Obama – Not a bad Egg

  1. in some ways, its a compliment that you expected so much because that means you believed he could do it! I used to be very critical of him with his use of the increased employment numbers because the jobs that were created were just low wage jobs, but i agree that he’s definitely held himself well through all the tough times and deserves that credit. I love that you said he didnt defend his time in office and chose to move us forward because that’s definitely a sign of leadership- “it’s easiest to be cynical; to accept that change isn’t possible, and that politics is hopeless.. but if we give up now, then we forsake a better future”. Thanks for sharing!

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