What a difference a year makes…8,760 hours..

It’s been just over a year from my last post where I went on and on about being lazy and getting back to posting entries.  Ha! No more excuses.

The events of recent weeks have had me reeling, from the horrific acts at the Paris nightclub and cafe to the shooting today at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado. WTF is this world coming to?

The taking of any life is difficult to understand so whether it’s the dark-skinned Muslim killing innocent people in a Paris cafe or the pasty-white Christian punk that killed 20 children as they attended school in Newtown, Connecticut – it’s as though the devil walks among us.

This is not a problem with people hijacking any particular religion because as we’ve seen, these cowardly cold-blooded killers come from all backgrounds and their hatred for humanity does not discriminate between black, brown or white, or between Christian, Muslim, Jew, Atheist, Hindu……

Fanaticism does not come from any holy book and it is not something someone is born with.  It’s a mental health problem.  Something happened in the mind of these people and shit went sideways.  I ask you, what do the following have in common:

  • Simultaneous attacks in Paris cafe, soccer stadium and night club killing 130?
  • Aurora, CO movie goers killed while watching Batman movie?
  • Cowardly attack in Newtown, CT elementary school where 26 people were murdered?
  • Attack on bible study class in Charleston, SC where 9 of the attendees are gunned down?


They were all carried out by sick fucks, the devil incarnate, and should be seen as an attack on humanity – not an attack by a single race or religion.

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