Free Speech Grief

Took some good-natured ribbing about my ‘Free as a bird’ post, and that’s okay, because it means you care!

Seriously though, don’t wrap yourself in the American flag and claim to be the grantor of this first amendment right as if we all have to understand it from your myopic perspective.  This phenomenon seems to have really shown itself over the past handful of years as the divide in what makes this country great seems to deepen – happens every year lately around the holidays when some blow hard gets up on his or her pedestal and claims “Christ is the reason for the season!”  (What does that mean anyway?)

First of all, Christmas was a man-made holiday as we don’t really know when Christ was born.  So if someone wants to say “Happy Holidays,” that’s their prerogative, and their right to speak freely as it suits them.  No one is harmed when that statement is made.  And if someone wants to say “Merry Christmas” to everyone they encounter, so be it.  But if your only reason to exclaim “Merry Christmas” is to make a point of some kind or to show that you’re Christian, you’re part of what is wrong with this amazing time of year.

People enjoy the holidays at year’s end for many reasons.  It’s a time of celebration for Christians around the world.  It’s a time for family gatherings for all people, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, atheists….. ALL people.  For many in this country, it’s because we have time off from work and school and that gives us time to gather, break bread, and reflect.  It means we are spending more time making connections with the people we care about and who care about us.

So if you want to say “Happy Holidays” then do that.  And if you want to wish someone or a group of folks a “Merry Christmas,” then do that as well.  But never tell someone that they have to say “Merry Christmas” because it’s what you think is right for all – just say thank you and watch what happens.  (But be mindful because there are sooooo many people that don’t celebrate Christmas and some may let you know – it’s like if you said “happy Eid” to a group of folks because one of them was Muslim – it means something to that person but not to the rest.  If you hear a “happy holidays” back to your “merry Christmas,” don’t be alarmed and don’t make that stupid face – it’s someone else exercising their free speech.)

That awesome feeling you get deep inside right around December 25th when someone greets you – whether it’s “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas” – with a smile on their face and sincerity in their voice, …… that’s the reason for the season.

That is someone’s right to free speech.  And pretty sure Christ would be pleased.

2 thoughts on “Free Speech Grief

  1. For your comment Christ is the reason for the season, is it really? Then why do we celebrate his birthday on a Pagan holiday anyway. That would be like trying to celebration your wife’s birthday on your ex girlfriend’s birthday every year and telling your wife it doesn’t really matter when we celebrate your birthday as long as we celebrate it once a year. After all, I do believe I heard Jesus was a jealous God? Didn’t he say “You shall have no other gods before me”? Also, what really happens around December the 21/22. Isn’t that the shortest day of the year? Isn’t that when the pagans celebrate the sun’s death and then 3 days later they celebrate the SUN’S REBIRTH. Don’t some cultures celebrate Mithras or Nimrod on that day? Why do we as a culture go to celebrate Christ on “SUN” day anyway? Some say we should be celebrating on Satur (n) day. I just thought this was food for thought for the holidays, don’t you? To me, December 25 is for the pagans as are most of America’s holidays. You disagree? Well let’s see here: Halloween celebrates the dead and it has many horrifying pagan traditions that kill and hurt people. Easter celebrates the fertility god with its eggs and rabbit symbols. Our government has a big 555 ft. phallic symbol in Washington, DC which is connected to witchcraft. By the way, that monument has been stated to be 111 ft bellow ground and it is from another religion all together. That would mean it is 666 ft tall. Interesting number don’t you think? And the weirdest thing of all is the kill the messenger attitude for anyone who tries to point it out. Isn’t there a phrase “Seek ye the truth and the truth will set you free”? Where does that saying come from anyway? Also, why do we place a high amount of respect on the “Jews” in Israel? Jesus was not a religious “Jew”. I have been told “Jew” is not a race either. Heck, one person wrote a book exposing over 70% + of the people in Israel today have no historic connection to biblical Israel anyway ( See ) . One of the biggest groups are called Khazars. They were pushed down into present day Israel and parts of Europe when the Russians defeated them in the 7th Century battles for their real homeland. Many of them converted to Judaism in the years following that defeat. Also, the language Jesus spoke came from the Indo-Aryan languages of which Hebrew is not one. The historians found that no trace of Hebrew was found in Aramaic until approximately 300 AD when the language called Syriac was found to be created. It was also pointed out that many different types of people lived in the holy land area at the time and before as well. There were many Persian holdovers from when the Persian Empire used to control that area. If Jesus was Persian, that would explain why both the Jews and the Romans didn’t care for him, wouldn’t it? It could also explain why he spoke Aramaic and not Hebrew, right? So, my point is to you, what are you really celebrating on Dec. 25 anyway? It sure isn’t Jesus’ birthday.

    P.S. Have you ever noticed that the letters in “Santa Claus” can be formed into the phrase “Satan cauls”? Isn’t Satan the ultimate manipulator? Could he and his followers have convinced you to celebrate Satan’s birthday as if it was Jesus’ birthday?

  2. Your post is strange to me, but it’s you being you, so I’m okay with that. But you missed something because I am not saying “Christ is the reason for the season.” Go back and read the last sentence of my second paragraph. I’m mocking the assholes that throw that back at people who say ‘Happy Holidays’ and not ‘Merry Christmas.’

    So you’re on a bit of sideways rant, but I’ve missed you and glad you’re back to my site. I haven’t posted in some time and you just may inspire me.

    Happy new year.

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