Wash your hands, asshole

It happened again today, it’s disgusting and I’m motivated to write about. What is up with men that don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom? I don’t give a shit if you just stop in the men’s room to check out your hair in the mirror – you’re there, there may be fecal matter in the air and the soap and water are free. Don’t be an asshole, WASH YOUR HANDS MORON.

I travel a lot and so I may see it more than others. But you don’t have to travel to notice this. Just visit the restroom at work or next time you’re at the mall or a restaurant. And I’m sure women are guilty of this too but betting at a lesser rate.

Nothing is more disgusting than watching an adult man come out of the stall after pooping and to walk up to the sink, check his hair in the mirror and then walk on out. I walked into the restroom at work only to find a colleague standing at the urinal and talking on the phone with an earpiece in. Yes, this fine specimen had his hands to his side, was peeing, and carrying on a conversation. Asshole. Then in mid conversation (not sure if it was English. Just sayin’) he flushed the urinal. It took all I had not to smile as he turned and saw me at the sink. He walked up, grabbed two paper towels, never broke stride in his conversation and proceeded to the door. He used the towels to grab the door handle. Is the irony of this lost on anyone?

I wash my hands and use the paper towels to open the door as well but really, couldn’t wash your hands? So I stepped up to the urinal, did my business and proceeded to the sink. Stood there for a moment to think what it might feel like to just walk out at that point. Nasty. Washed my hands and grabbed 4 paper towels. Dried my hands and headed to the door with plenty of protection to grab that germ-soaked handle.

So men, here’s the deal. If you so much as enter the restroom, use the fucking soap and water. Grab the paper towels, dry your hands and use the towels to grab the door handle. If wherever you’re at has it together, there will be a waste basket for the paper towels right beside the door. So once opened, toss them out – and if there is no waste basket, carry them to your desk or wherever and throw them out. But in the name of decency, wash your hands. And moms and dads, teach your children to do the same so they don’t grow up to be assholes!

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