Always Check out Family!

Mel R-Gibson?
Separated at birth
Mitt G-Romney
Et tu, Romney?

I’ve finally figured out what it is about Mitt Romney that rubs me the wrong way.  It isn’t that creepy deer-in-the-headlights look he shows while speaking into the camera.  And though his flip-flopping on critical issues from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or ‘moving heaven and earth’ to take out Bin Laden drives me crazy, that wasn’t it either.  Okay, the whole ‘let Detroit go bankrupt,’ as though that would have helped an entire industry (and the last of America’s manufacturing prowess) when the lending markets had dried up — that did piss me off for so many reasons, but that still wasn’t it.

It wasn’t until I discovered the Romney family secret that it hit me why I don’t care for Mitt Romney.  You decide.

One thought on “Always Check out Family!

  1. I actually think you are insulting Mel with this statement. Mel was attacked by the Jews because he did the movie “Passions of the Christ”. He took out parts of the movie showing the Jews were the ones calling for Jesus’ murder. They continued their assault on him. They have ILLEGALLY TAPE HIS PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS AND TAKEN SOME THINGS HE SAID OUT OF CONTEXT, they have claimed he did things to his former lover THAT HER post Gibson EX-BOYFRIEND SAID DIDN’T HAPPEN, etc. So, I am offended by your attack on Gibson more than the comment on Romney. Why? Because there is a list of comments showing Romney (TROJAN HORSE) has changed MANY OF THE POSITIONS HE HAD IN (SOCIALIST) MASSACHUSETTS IN ORDER TO GET THE REPUBLICAN NOMINATION. He lies just as good as Obama. Ex. He was pro- gay (adoption of children too), pro-choice, pro-banker bailouts, pro-EPA standards, pro-open borders, etc. There is even an article “40 FACTS THAT PROVE ROMNEY/OBAMA REPRESENT THE SAME VOTE” to show they are both scumbags SOCIALISTS.

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