Doug Lamborn is a Moron

Doug Colorado Representative Doug Lamborn sent an apology to President Obama for referring to him as a 'tar baby' because he wasn't aware that the term might be offensive to some.  If this guy was 15, I'd cut him some slack, but the good Republican looks to be mid-40's at least.  What a jerk.  (Hope that isn't offensive to him.)

It's amazing that we have grown men and women in Congress and the Senate who use such nasty language when referring to each other — and worse, when addressing the president of our nation.  It's inexcusable and inappropriate.  We've lowered the bar on how we work with one another and refer to people who have different views than us, and it's a shame.   Then we wonder why some of our children lack civility and use foul language in public — look at some of these role models.

Yes Mr. Lamborn, 'tar baby' is an offensive term to African Americans.  You're a bright enough man to know better and you could have used a number of other words to get your point across.  You chose a word that allowed you to blow off some steam and at the same time, we got a better look at your true colors.  Hey, the amazing man at the helm of this country right now happens to be black.  Deal with it.

3 thoughts on “Doug Lamborn is a Moron

  1. THIS MAN IS NOTHING BUT A STRAIGHT UP RACIST, ARROGANT, JERK! What kills me is how they say exactly how they feel, but when they are caught they want to apologize! An apology will not help if you really feel that way inside! Obama doesn’t need your apology, take your apology and SHOVE IT!! The problem he has with Obama is simply the color of his skin! It kills him that an educated and articulate “BLACK MAN” is the President! They will go ABOVE AND BEYOND to and make us believe that Obama is the blame for everything wrong in this country, WHEN IN FACT, IT WAS A MESS BEFORE HE EVEN TOOK OFFICE! Now he wants to twisT his “Tar Baby” comment to make it sound better. A TAR BABY IS A TAR BABY AND LAMBORN SAID EXACTLY WHAT HE MEANT!!! LAMBORN, OBAMA IS THE PRESIDENT GET OVER IT AND GET THE HELL OUT OF OFFICE BECAUSE YOU DAMN SURE DO NOT BELONG IN CONGRESS!

  2. Him saying tar baby has nothing to do with being racist, despite the ” Hey, the amazing man at the helm of this country right now happens to be black. Deal with it.” Yes fact over it does take a tar baby to get our country so far off track. Our national crises is over gays and name calling, big deal, obama can take his tar baby lies out of office and suck it

  3. ben, baby. Really? Our national crisis started before this president. And why are you dragging gays into this discussion? C’mon, take a deep breath and try again. Our crisis goes back to the last president, you remember, the moron that lied to get us into Iraq for the oil, and we’re still mired in that mess. Two wars we can’t pay for and Wall Street run amok — that is the crux of our national problems and they preceded President Obama. So for now, nobody has to suck anything.

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