Nothing Like Going to the Wire

As I've thought about the debit ceiling crisis in recent weeks, I've been frustrated that otherwise bright men and women "of the people" couldn't get done what was needed months ago.  That we've had to endure the theatrics and political posturing from both sides of the isle was ridiculous.  And where are the T-partiers?  The US's obligation to pay its debit is rooted in the constitution.  (14th Amendment, Section 4 states "The validity of the public debt of the United States ….. shall not be questioned.")

Now what should be questioned is some of the nonsense we've approved in the past that lead us to this point, such as bridges to nowhere, or studys on absurdities such as examining gas emissions from cow flatulence or the breeding habits of the woodchuck.  These were real approvals and THIS is where our representatives should address matters.  But that isn't likely to happen, of course, because that would mean taking pork-barrel funding away from their districts.  Such bull shit.  (And I'm sure there's been money approved to study that!)

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad the deal is done, it just never should have come down to the wire.

So before professional politicians like Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell hurt themselves as they pat themselves on the back, they should promise the American people that they will never hold up the world economy again for the sake of party ideology and that they'll get their respective parties working on the real problem:  trimming the budget.

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