NFL Lockout not equal Debt Ceiling Crisis

Debt Ceiling I heard the radio news this morning liken the recent NFL owner and player association agreement to that of wrangling going on in the House of Representatives over the national debt ceiling.  I'm not buying.

Yes, you have two sides (owners/union and GOP/Dems) posturing and acting like assholes — that part I get.  But in the NFL the compromise had to do with how to split over $9 billion in revenue over the next 10 years — in DC, it has to do with being responsible for our national debt and paying for something we've already used.  And don't make NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell out to be some sort of hero — because the NFL lockout has hurt the NFL.  Like the debt ceiling crisis game of chicken being played by congress, nobody wins.  

In the NFL, the fans are losers and the reputation and value of the league has been negatively impacted.  They act as though they resolved the problem 'just in time,' when in reality, they're several months after time ran out!  Similarly, the politicization of the debt ceiling matter has sullied the reputation of our country and called into question our government's ability to pay its obligations — making investment in the US of A a risky bet.  And in this situation, there is no time to go beyond the magical date of August 2nd because it isn't about missing practice or a pre-season game, there is so much more on the line.  Don't the men and women of congress have 401 (k) plans?  Don't they have investments in the various markets? Have they paid attention to their bottom line over the past week or 10 days — it's not good (and will only get worse if they don't act this week).

Seriously, when you have the likes of Greece, Spain and Portugal stopping in amazement and snickering, it's not good.  Let's say we put the state of Ohio up as collateral to China — that should light a fire under the Speaker's ass.

Let's go Mr. Boehner, rally your party.  C'mon Mr. Reid, find the middle ground.  GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER and do something great this week.

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