Republicans Don’t Get It

I want your money What is it with the US congress that they just don't seem to get the seriousness of the debt ceiling crisis and choose to play chicken with the consequences.  The men and women are representatives of the people and yet they don't seem to pay much attention to their constituents.  What is particularly disappointing is the way the Repbulican party swept into Congress last year with their so-called mandate to govern and all they've done is turned DC into a shambles as they play partisan politics with important issues.  None more so than the looming debt ceiling and our government's inability to repay its obligations.

Let's get one thing clear: we are not talking about spending more, we are talking about spending on provisions that have already been approved by this SAME congress.  The US governement has already approved expenditures and now is deciding it doesn't want to pay for them.  What is the big deal, we raised the debt ceiling 7 times under W! (Is that similar to the person that buys clothing on their credit card, wears it out and then decides they want to return it?  The best I could come up with on short notice.)

As the GOP implodes upon itself with poor decision making, falling confidence of the American people and a weak class of 2012 presidential nominee candidates, it's time for real leadership.  How pathetic this group is that the president has to get involved and tell them all to "play nicely in the sandbox."  Really — the presdident is in far too deep but that happens ONLY because these 435 representatives can't get their shit together.  Did I mention that the majority are Repbulicans?

Will somebody please tell House Majority Leader Eric Cantor to shut up and step aside, and to let real men negotiate this matter.  And while you're at it, tell Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to shut up as well — it's well documented that the tax cuts have run their course and trickle-down is a short-term fix, not a long-term solution.  (Even Regan's former budget director David Stockman has taken shots at his own party and continues to acknowledge that then and now, they had no idea what all the 'trickle down' numbers meant.)

Plain and simple: as the gap between rich and poor grows, consumer spending trends down.  It isn't rocket science, see if you can follow me.  (I'll go slowly in case Cantor and McConnell are reading.)  As the gap between the rich and middle classe grows, and as consumer confidence remains shakey, the demand for goods and services trails off because there is only so much that those at the top continue to spend on.  Get it?  The people with great wealth — think rock stars, celebrities, industry leaders and politicians — only buy so many goods and services.  There are only so many autos, big screen televeisions, homes, groceries, etc., that they buy and then if the rest of the American public isn't confident or isn't of means, they're not buying either, so consumer demand on goods and services trends downward.  (Seriously.  Take a moment to think about that and it will make total sense.)

So it seems pretty simple to the American majority, even if the House majority can't see it — work with this administration, get your head out of your ass and do something great this week.

4 thoughts on “Republicans Don’t Get It

  1. Actually, I love what the fact that the Republicans are not going along with YOUR SOCIALIST PRESIDENT AND I DON’T WANT THEM TO GIVE AN INCH. If you want to do something about the deficit, GET RID OF THE SOCIALIST HEALTHCARE PROGRAM OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATS JUST CREATED, GET RID OF ALL THE SOCIALIST PROGRAMS THE COMMUNISTS F.D.R. CREATED, GET RID OF THE DEPARTMENTS OF EDUCATION, ENERGY, ETC. IF YOU WANT MORE MANUFACTURING JOBS, STOP ENFORCING THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA, FTAA, ETC. AGREEMENTS AND PUT UP MODEST TARIFFS. Why do I say “unconstitutional” agreements? Because they are by definition “treaties” and they were NOT PROPERLY RATIFIED BY 2/3 OF CONGRESS. If they would just do those few things now, Think how much money that would save. I can hear the socialists screaming bloody murder at the thought of it.
    Now, you will say that we must raise the debt ceiling or the country will go bankrupt. I say we are already there. The credit card has been maxed out at 14+ Trill. and the Socialists/Elitest keep adding more money sucking programs on top of the debt problem as well. You will only be helping the Federal Reserve/banksters and their allies if you keep paying them for the criminal mess THEY CREATED (see book “Creature from Jekyll Island”). The bully, Mafia, cartel, etc. The “PRIVATE” Federal Reserve crime bosses and their allies are saying your money/property is their money/property now despite the fact they rigged the game with their FIAT MONEY SYSTEM IN THE FIRST PLACE. (Our founders gave us GOLD/SILVER COIN IN PAYMENT OF DEBTS.) How? THEY ARE PRINTING UP MONEY OUT OF THIN ARE FOR A PENNY OR TWO FOR EACH BILL AND THEN CHARGING YOU/OUR GOVERNMENT FACE VALUE PLUS INTEREST TO USE IT. EX. They print a $1000 dollar bill (PAPER) that cost them say 2 cents to print and then lend it to the U.S. government/people at FACE VALUE ($1000 + INTEREST – do you know what USURY IS? – WHAT DID THE BIBLE SAY ABOUT USURY?). In order to pay that debt off, they want your house, car, etc. Do you get the musical chairs scam now? Since they control the amount of money in circulation, they can guarantee themselves a profit [repossessing real property] in the end. Are you going to let these crooks continue to take your families’/your countries’ wealth this way?
    P.S. If you find this information interesting, you might want to check out ,, , , , etc.

  2. Do you like George Carlin? If you do, I think you will like these videos of him telling it like it is about the Elitests in charge.
    George Carlin: “The Illusion of Choice”
    This is good stuff! He is just telling it like it is here.
    I found this on .
    2) I just found some more video of George Carlin telling it like it is on a
    (www.) . It has a video presentation called ( – Episode 1 – Exposing the Noble lie – If you are interested, there are like 10 Episodes.). He was awesome (minus the cussing). If you like good information and G.C., I think you will like the video he is in for sure. He was in Part 2 from 6 min 14 sec. to 9 min 35 sec., if you don’t want to watch the other interesting info presented first.

  3. Here we go again? Some fools are pushing a Balanced Budget Amendment AGAIN. People, the Balanced Budget Amendment is a Trojan Horse. It takes fewer votes to just pass a Balanced Budget BILL right now. So, what are these SCAMMERS IN WASHINGTON, DC UP TO NOW? IF Congress could get a BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT PASSED, THEY WOULD USE IT AS THE EXCUSE TO RAISE TAXES YEAR AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR (Don’t tell me they couldn’t get a super majority with enough pressure either. I can hear the word “Default” being used OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.). Unless it specifically says that a BALANCED BUDGET HAS TO BE REACHED WITH “SPENDING CUTS ONLY”, the people are going to get SCREWED BY A BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT IN THE END TO KEEP BIG BROTHER GOVERNMENT GROWING. A SOCIALIZED HEALTHCARE BILL TODAY AND A NATIONAL DOMESTIC POLICE FORCE TOMORROW OTHER THAN THE MILITARY TOMORROW.
    (By the way, 218-216 IS NOT 2/3s of the House needed for a Balanced Budget Amendment anyway. So, either make the cuts necessary or don’t pass a bill at all. A default would be better than a Balanced Budget Amendment.)
    P.S. Why does anybody trust CONGRESS NOT TO SCREW THEM IN THE END? THAT IS THE ONLY THING THEY HAVE SHOWN THEY ARE GOOD OVER THE LAST 100+ YEARS. This is the same government that said income taxes would never go OVER 2%, the lied about Pearl Harbor, WTC attack, Pentagon attack, Iraq/weapons of mass destruction, JFK assassination, Gulf of Tonkin, the WACO massacre, Oklahoma City, etc., BUT YOU BELIEVE THEY ARE TELLING YOU THE WHOLE TRUTH HERE. WAKE UP, PEOPLE! Geez!

  4. Book about Elitest Skull and Bones
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    They are titans of finance and industry. And they
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    President of the United States.
    George W. Bush’s ‘secret’ name is ‘Temporary.’
    His father, George H. W. Bush’s Bones name is
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    possessions — Geronimo’s skull.

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