What is that smell?

Okay, FB is the world leader in social media with over 700 million world-wide users.  Awesome.  But remember when that was said about MySpace in it's day?  And FB came on the scene and people had to decide between the two?  I was invited to join Google+ today and I'm thinking, this is pretty cool.

FaceBook has had its share of ups and downs, along with privacy scandals and strategy mis-steps.  Its user interface isn't as intuitive as it should be and that has been by design, as we've found out, to confuse its users on what data is shared and with whom.  Not cool.

Something has always been fishy for me with FB and I think it revolves around never knowing who is watching my every move — it's no coincidence that certain key strokes affect certain ads but we didn't know that until it was discovered.  Or that certain data was sold to certain 'buyers,' including the US government.  Seriously, have you read FB's Privacy Policy?  You need your attorney to decipher it.  Such bullshit.

For me, for now, I'll play in both worlds.  For what little I do, it's not a big deal.  But at some point I'll be dropping one of these relationships and it won't be based on the number of friends I have, but rather on the experience I have with the friends through the social network site.  And I have to tell you, the ability to divide my contacts into Google+'s "circles" is very cool.  

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