Amazing Maria

What an amazing show of strength and character Maria Shriver has shown the world.  Her cheating husband fathers a child 10 years ago and comes clean this week and now we understand why she moved out of the houst months before they announced their separation — she found out then!

Arnold's confession isn't too hard to believe — his reputation as a groping whore dog precedes him, and goes back to his juicing days as a teen body-builder.  Throw in the fact that he's an egotistical politician and this was almost predictable.  (That he's a Republican is just a coincidence!)

But Maria shows us grace under pressure.  She asks that we respect her privacy for "the sake of the chldren."  That statement in and of itself is amazing – her plea is for "the children" which includes her four kids and the now 10-year old father by Arnold.  That shows the type of woman she is.  Amazing.

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