Share the road

Crosswalk Just came in from an afternoon bike ride — it's my lunch period I'll spend it how I please!  But my fear is that with all the driver distractions on the road, I may not make it back to my desk one day!  

Addressing the most obvious distractions at lunch time on a beautiful afternoon (such as people-watching, burger-eating and texting-while-driving) may have to wait for another post, as my time is limited here and I still need to shower.  But if we can just start with some basics for all drivers, new and experienced, we'd be off to a good start.

Pay attention to the cross walks as you approach an intersection.  It's crazy but so many people don't realize that when approaching a stop sign or traffic light in your vehicle, the thick white line is where the front of your car should STOP.  Don't pull into that cross walk area when you stop you moron, it's for the pedestrians, whether we're walking or peddling, cut us a break.

So when you see the look of disdain I make — that's all for you and your ignorance of the law.  Back your ass up and get out of that space, or offer an "oops" smile and a simple mea culpa and that look will go away.  

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