Separated at birth?

What do Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump all have in common (besides getting me back to the keyboard from my hiatus!)?  Yes, they're all rich, white conservative blow-hard politicians that use fear to divide people for their own political gain, but so are most rhetoric-spewing conservatives — dig deeper.  Okay, you're right again — despite their claim to being good Christian men, they are adulterers and have been caught in adulterous relationships, leaving wife and family in ruins as they followed the brain between their legs — but c'mon — think!  

There.  I can tell by the look on your face that you've got it now.  These three fine specimens have hijacked the public and political discourse in our country to the point that the Republican party is in more of a shambles than it was back in 2008.  They've gone from last year's "sweeping change" in Washington to this years "sweeping distrust."  

Whether you're talking about these 3 'brothers' or the rest of the GOP 2012-wanna-bes, it appears that the modus-operandi has been to distract the American people by attempting to stoke the flames of a fire that doesn't exist.  Hijack serious budget talks because Planned Parenthood receives funding?  (Hey Jon Kyl, it's only 3% toward abortion, not 90% — get the facts straights because we're not stupid and you're wasting precious time.)  Donald distracting from the economy and jobs issues by focusing on President Obama's birth certificate?  Really?  How fucking moronic and so 2008 — and now you can wipe the egg from your face as Mr. Obama has toyed with you, most likely out of pity on how stupid you looked in recent months, and shared his certificate — the same one others saw years ago when this topic first came up.  And Rudy coming out claiming that Trump is "resonating" with the American people, it shows how out of touch this washed up former mayor is. Trump is nothing more than a P.T. Barnum in an expensive suit — he's pitching his lame TV show and telling his acolytes that he'll disclose whether or not he'll run for president in 2012 on the season finale.  (And don't forget about his business finances — he's claimed bankruptcy 4 times in big projects, screwing so many people out of big sums of money.  Madoff got jail time!)  And lest we have issues with sibling rivalry, I need to say something about Gingrich.  Let me see.  His past in public office was ended by scandal.  His first two wives were left in the dust because he cheated on his promise to be faithful.  Hmmm, I'm at a loss.  Oh, wait….have you ever seen him speak at a private function?  Saw him last year as a keynote to a bunch of bankers — you couldn't tell what his topic was but I promise, no fewer than 10 mentions of his books and documentaries that were written and/or produced by he and his new wife.  Everything he brought up referred back to a book, a movie or his wife — that was a torturous hour for everyone, and bankers usually love this guy.  

One of the many things that make the USA a great place to live, work and raise a family is the political system and its exchange of reasonable views and ides — the discourse.  To go off on a diversion for one's own political gain is wrong — it shows a lack of creativity and genuine thinking, the inability to connect with and truly resonate with the American people.  More importantly, it shows a lack of respect to the audience.  

So to these brothers I say, "move away from the microphone and let someone with something to say have their moment."  And to their sisters Sara Palin and Michelle Bachmann I say, "Neither of you have anything worthwhile to offer, but I still think you're both hot."  And to that whole family I say — "yes, he's black, bright, caring, articulate and makes decisions carefully, deal with it."

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