Cheese Head

Yes, Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker certainly is a cheese head.  Actually, he's a lying politician (redundant, I know) that has shown his true colors.  He has shown that his recent legislation to strip public workers' unions of their collective bargaining capabilities is exactly what was being claimed by its opponents: nothing short of union busting.  And like a man that gets caught cheating on his wife, he isn't sorry for the low, unethical, immoral act and the hurt it showers on others — he's only sorry that he got caught.

So how does this play out now.  Walker and his team tried to spin his 20-minute prank call with who he thought was his billionaire pimp, David Koch, as merely a bump in the road, and that he said nothing damning or different than what he's said publicly.  What an asshole.  I'm sure he and his team have listened to what we've all been able to hear — there were several tidbits in that call that gave us a peek behind the curtain.  And this guy is the son of a preacher?  (Should have paid more attention to his daddy on Sundays!)

So back pedal as best you can Mr. Governor, the eyes (and ears) of the nation are on Madison as you squirm and attempt to talk your way out of the mess you have created.  Your typical politician speak is disgusting and shameful and the people of Wisconsin are embarrassed and outraged, as they should be.  Perhaps you and your GOP legislature should have learned from the history playing out all over the world — people are tired and outraged at being held down and divided by their so-called leaders, and they are taking to the streets to take back their government.  And as in those cases, it is time for you to do the right thing and negotiate in good faith.  

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