Awe Inspiring

What an amazing past 18 days watching the Egyptian revolution come about and being part of Egypt-revolution16their historic moment.  To see this truly awe inspiring event unfold in front of our eyes as a young, powerful voice of the people demand and finally get the change they sought.  The same media that brought us fear and bloodshed from this very region brought us the peaceful protest of a hungry underclass direct to our living rooms, car radios and smart phones.  It was the type of news that kept me glued to various mediums from NPR to and my trusty NY Times app via the iPhone.

I was amazed to watch the determination of the Egyptian people who like the Tunisians less than two months ago, told their oppressive leader that he had to go.  Young and old willing to risk their life for freedom from his greedy grip. To watch as the energies ebbed and flowed over the past several weeks, and waiting for this day, knowing that Friday — the holiest day for Muslims — would be the day of new energy.  To witness a grassroots effort that grew from pent up frustration to a nationwide movement, without the need for weapons or violence — not so much as a fist raised or swung.  (Can't count the thuggery imposed by Mubarek's secret police one day last week.) Watching Arab Christians and Muslims uniting with one voice, singing songs and claiming "Balidinna, balidinna, balidinna!"  (Repeating "Our land, Our land, Our land".)

It was a rare moment in the re-birth of a nation, unlike anything I've ever seen before.  I was moved and am encouraged by the spirit of the Egyptian people, and I am hopeful for their future.  One of those moments that make you say, "It's a great time to be alive!"

2 thoughts on “Awe Inspiring

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