Much Ado About Nothing

Not talking about the Shakespeare, referring to the end-of-the-world snow storm that was supposed to bury SE Michigan.  In typical weather forecaster fashion, we were warned for days leading up to today that the metro Detroit area would see 12 to 18 inches of snow — more to the west.  (What does that mean anyway?  Canton is west of Dearborn, but so too is Kalamazoo!  I digress.)

And if you happen to stop by the local Kroger supermarket yesterday, you would have seen the mobs of moronic people buying up supplies like milk, bottled water, batteries and so on.  What was everyone thinking?  And in the end, we got about 7 inches.  Now 7 inches will make some people shudder with excitement  and others with fear — but we're a hardy bunch in the midwest and we can take more!  (Yes, the attempt at double entendre was intended.  Sick bastards, I was referring to snow fall.)

Now we have to deal with two more days of "well, Doppler predicted greater snowfall than what we got, but all the indicators were read correctly."  And we'll have to put up with the scores of people that are sleeping in the airport lobby because they're too cheap spend another day in their hotel.  And don't forget the idiots that will drive around all day without having properly cleaned the snow from their vehicle — they'll drive slow in the center lane and even if they signal lane changes, we won't know because we can't see their tail lights.  Great.

The kids got a free day off from school and I was distracted all day at my work — my real work — and to top it all off, I had to shovel the snow.  And what will I do now with 3 gallons of milk in the fridge and a box of batteries?

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