Jets’ Coaching Blunder

Ines-sainz-pictures First, let me state right up front that I had NOTHING riding on the outcome of the Jets/Steelers game. I picked the Jets for two reasons:

        1. I hate Rothlisberger and the fact that he got a measly suspension at the beginning of the season for his role in making unwanted advances to women, one of whom was under the legal drinking age reportedly groped (and whatever else) by Ben.  (Thankfully he didn't get caught hosting dog fights with Pit Bulls or he may have done jail time — or maybe he can be thankful he's white.)
        2. With Jets' stud quarterback out of the picture, we won't get to see Latina reporter Ines Sainz on the sideline (ahem),  reporting the game or interviewing Sanchez.

Now I know this sounds awkward and the two reasons appear to be in direct contrast with one another.  The irony of the situation is not lost on me.  But Rex Ryan, or whoever was calling the offensive plays, blew this game.

You are first-and-goal from the 3 yard line and you have Ladaniel Tomlinson in your backfield and you throw on second and third down — WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?  Then they gave it to LT on fourth down when everyone and their brother knew that would be the call, and the Steelers crowded in and blocked the attempt at six points.  They should have come out of that end with a touchdown and momentum.  Instead they turn the ball over on downs.  (Now as fate would have it, they end up with a safety and two points on the very first play by the Steelers, but it still isn't 7 and there was a bit of a let down as the fans were let back into the game.)

Really coach, you should have had your head in the game because you blew it brother.  What are you doing down on the sideline, daydreaming?  Playing footsies?  (Okay, that wasn't necessary, I'm sorry, but dude, you brought this upon yourself!)

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