Beck off!

T1larg.beckontoday Glenn Beck is on a tour of sorts pushing his new book on how we, as a people, need to "fix ourselves." I forget the name of the book, but I recall it sounding a lot like  7 Habits …. so not so original there Mr. Beck.

But really, what's the deal with Glenn Beck lately?  Seems like he's shifted a bit toward the middle (to his left from where he was).  We saw it first when he produced that big deal last year in Washington DC where he softened the political rhetoric a bit in favor of evangelical rhetoric (although it's tricky for the average amongst us to tell the rhetoric apart!).

Something fishy is going on and I have to say, I'm not sure folks on the left are all that pleased that he's moved closer to them.  But it's deeper than just his views.  Take a good look at this photo and notice that as Beck ages, his African heritage is starting to show.  Notice the hair.  Notice the skin tone changing a bit — seriously folks, I think he may be coming out that there's more in his family background than he'd shared with us previously.  

I knew he'd come around, but this discovery blew me away.  I'm glad he'a embraced his true self and as he did, he's telling us with this new book to fix ourselves.  It is so much clearer to me now.

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