What’s the point?

IMG_0303 IMG_0303 Okay you decide — you encounter THIS in the drive-up line as you approach to order your favorite cup of coffee:  does it mess up your appetite?  The one of the left is the Tim Horton's on Michigan Ave. in Dearborn, MI, the one on the right is at the Dunkin' Donuts on Michigan Ave. in Dearborn — they're only about a mile apart.  So is it that they're both coffee joints?  Maybe it's that they're both on Michigan Avenue. Or can it be that they're located in Dearborn, Michigan?  Hmmm.

It's great that any establishment puts out a garbage receptacle so that lazy people can move their refuse from their vehicle and pass it along for someone else to clean up.  But what's the point for said establishment to place the receptacle if they can't keep it clean?  Garbage is all around the base of these units because stupid people that pull up and see that the receptacle is full insist on attempting to place their item in there as though and watch as it falls to the floor.  Another great idea that is poorly executed.  

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