Parking Lot CHEATS

My rant on the cheaters taking open handicapped parking spaces at my local Target store isn't complete — not until I blast the lazy-ass MFers that park in the handicap space while they're waiting for someone to come out of the store.  Unbelievable — they sit in their car and wait for their friend or family member to come out.  It's like the handicap space is this great convenience so their fat-assed partner doesn't have to walk too far.  It makes you want to ask them what the hell they're doing.  The answer you'll likely get is "waiting for my wife/husband/lazy-ass kid to come out of the store, they'll only be a minute." 

What are we to do with this nation of parking lot cheaters? I say we rise up and confront these bastards, let them know they're not getting away with anything because we can see what they're doing.  They're cheating and we don't need to take it any longer!  Rise up people.

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