Parking Crack-down

Ever notice how many able-bodied people park in the handicapped parking spaces around retailers?  Is it just me or do Target and Walmart stores seem to attract a greater share of these lazy asses?  I love my local Target store — to the tune of 2 or so visits a week — but what is it that brings out the worst in folks to where they park in a space reserved for someone less fortunate than themselves?  

You know who I'm talking about — the trailer park trash that gets out of their car, usually some beater, often in full conversation on their cell phone, as they jump to their feet and stride into the store.  This moronic lazy affliction knows no boundaries and is without prejudice as it impairs men and women, black and white, young and old.  It makes me nuts almost to the point of speaking up, which I won't do because I'm chicken shit.

I understand that not all handicaps are ones you can see, but trust me when I say this, you can tell who needs the close parking spot versus someone who doesn't, even if they have a mental handicap that you cannot see.  The idea of a near-the-door parking space is for those that are physically impaired and need the benefit of the shorter distance to the front door. 

I am not wasting this space in hopes of sending a message to the offenders — those idiots likely don't own a computer and/or cannot read anyway.  What I'd like to see is for the local police to deputize more citizens like me and allow us to confront these losers before they move on to become hardened criminals.  I suggest the local police outfit everyday citizens, many of us with too much time on our hands, and give us a badge, a pad of tickets and a gun (just in case), and that will be one less matter for them to deal with.

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