College football –YES! Tailgating — REALLY?

Looking forward to the Michigan/Michigan State Big 10 rivalry today.  Big fan of college football and none too much better around here than our beautiful state's two biggest schools butting heads on the gridiron.  But how did I get sucked into this whole tailgating thing?

I mean seriously, the game doesn't start until 3:30 eastern and it's 9:00 and I'm heading to Ann Arbor for a party in a large parking lot.  I'll dole out my $30 just to park at an out lot near the mall then drag a large cooler onto a bus to head to the high school lot where there will be "activities for the kids."  My drive to the area is 45 minutes so if my math is correct, I'll be sitting in a large parking lot with throngs of people barbecuing meats all day — what happens at game time?  I'll need a toilet and something for my stomach and likely won't be in the mood for football.  

I have a problem with eating red meat all day (not so great for you once you hit 50!), for 6 or 7 hours anyway, then trying to settle in to watch what should be a great game on a large screen TV in a parking lot with hundreds of people I don't know.  It is forecasted to be sunny and 75 — perfect weather this time of year in Michigan — and not likely it will be great TV viewing.  All I wanted today was to relax and watch the big game, but someone else controls my destiny.  

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