Wow, she's kind of cute — wonder if she has a date for prom.  Well she is sort of cute but she's beyond prom unless she's going as a parent chaperon.  But wait, I'm way off point so let me get back on track.

Christine O'Donnell has a new campaign to help her shake the whole witch thing — you know, she tried it once in college.  But what a creepy commercial.  (You'll have to Google it because this is only a still from the clip.)

All the "I am You" nonsense aside, it seems like she got some bad advice.  First of all, her handlers and marketing folks should have used a slightly different phrase, like "I am like you if you're a whacked out conservative intolerant of others different than yourself."  Secondly, they should have asked permission from Illinois Methodist University to use their claim to IMU.  And finally, they made a big mistake allowing her to wear a pearl necklace.  (Or am I the only one that has picked up on that?)

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