SNF — Boring!

What were the great minds of SundayNight Football thinking when they decided to leave the Detroit Lions off their schedule?  This Bears/Giants game sucks.  Minutes from half time, Cutler is getting his  ass kicked and Mike Martz has had his name mentioned 15 times — and for what, his offense is stinking up my TV! 

I'm upset because I was in the air on my way to Tampa 10 minutes into the Lions game and by the time I landed and turned on my phone, I got the ESPN update that Detroit lost 28 to 26.  They have played inspired football this young season and have put points on the board, but they still get no respect.  Sure, it  could be because the product they put on the field has sucked for so long, but c'mon, not one prmie time game?  It's been years since we've seen them on Monday or Sunday night. Now if wecan get these lame Coors  commercials retired, we'd be in great shape.'coach'

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