Dress the part for the job you want

Ines Sainz part 1 This attractive blond is Ms. Ines Sainz, a 32 year-old sports reporter for a Mexican news outlet.  Attractive?  You bet.  Embroiled in a sexual harassment claim against the NFL's New York Jets?  Yes, that too.

These two pictures are a representation of how Ms. Sainz looks when she Ines Sainz roams the sideline during football practice, or as she did Sunday, during an actual game. 

Sexy?  Don't be stupid.  YES!  Dressed a bit trashy as though to draw attention to herself?  Again, a stupid question — yes to that as well.  Look, there is no excuse that makes it okay for a person to make unwanted remarks to another, for any reason.  But at the same time, there should be a rule in the sports reporter handbook that says one can't dress scantily in body-wrap clothing when walking into a locker-room of grown men who just came in from expending themselves on a gridiron, and where testosterone and adrenaline are flowing like water from the faucet. Or put another way, dress the part, in this case, of a professional.  (Of course, the problem hers is that she does look like a pro, know what I mean?)

Seriously, where is the reporter's responsibility in her approach to her profession?  Don't give me any bullshit about "how she dressed doesn't give the players a right to whistle and stare."  She wasn't covering the locker room of a group of little league boys — she went into a room of men's men looking like she was dressed to draw attention to herself.  Period.  There must be a code of conduct she and other reports, male or female, follow when approaching their work — and yes, context and setting are important.  If she were visiting a single player or a small group of players, one outcome, but she paraded into a room of 50 to 60 sweaty men in various stages of undress — some even showering — and expected no response.  Give me a break.  She should have entered looking like the typical wife of one of these players — wearing a sweatshirt and baggy sweatpants with her hair up in rollers, then we wouldn't be having this discussion. 

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