Chase Online Banking

Chase message Okay, what is the deal with Chase's on-line banking for at least the past 24 hours?  I've been trying to pay some bills and can't get in — all you get in the sign-on space is this goofy message about unavailability due to system maintenance.  My ass.  I've been in banking and IT for 30 years and you don't have scheduled maintenance for an entire business day — that's usually done during the slowest period of on-line banking, like between 3:00 and 4:00 AM on a Sunday.

C'mon Chase, at least be honest with your customers, we'd appreciate that more than some bullshit 'down for maintenance' message.  Tell us things are messed up and you're fixing them.  Scheduled maintenance suggests this is something you intended, and no one believes that to be true. 

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