If a tree falls in the woods …..

….. and there is no one around to hear it, does it still make any noise?  This whacked-out pastor from Florida that has made a circus of his intention to burn Korans, the holy book of Muslims.  This web site not withstanding, the media — similar to how they blew up the story of the Islamic Center planned two blocks from where the World Trade Center once stood — has given this moron a stage from which to spew his brand of evangelical hate.  Oh yeah, he's a hater.

So if this so-called man of God wasn't given the stage and the spotlight had never been shined, would he and his 35 white followers even make the news?  Instead, he's attracted publicity he couldn't have dreamed of and catapulted his brand of hate to the top of the charts.  I've said it in previous posts, and I know you've been following, this pastor has stolen a page out of the radical jihadist's playbook!  He has concocted something so perverse, rallied like-minded radicals, got the attention of the press (think Al Jazeera!) and has grown his base through new recruits.  What is any different than the likes of the radicals he claims are evil?

Hate is indiscriminate and even those who profess to be men of God can harbor hatred for those different than himself.

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