Christian Extremist and Political Sell-outs

It's really interesting that this whack-job reverend in Gainesville claims to be a Christian and claims to be angry with what the Muslim extremist whack-jobs did in 2001 when they flew planes into The World Trade Center.  What is interesting is that this hater (and isn't that against a fundamental tenet of Christianity?) has become that which he rails against — an extremist.  (For my loyal followers, that was the irony I referred to in my post from yesterday.  Get it now mom?)

The silence from the GOP, a.k.a. BFD (the Body supporting Fear and Division), and the likes of Cheney, Palin, McCain, McConnell, Boehner, Cantor, Gingrich, and so on — it is maddening.  This group has made this a partisan football and refuses to address this book-burning idiot by denouncing his plan.  It is clear and easy to follow that this extremist, zealous act will cause repercussions around the world with other extremists who will use this as propaganda to bring harm to Americans wherever they are in the world, and in Afghanistan in particular.  

We hear a voice from the interfaith leaders — Muslims, Jews, Christian, Hindus and others — yet our politicians continue to sell their souls for votes.  Despicable.  They have a moral obligation to protect Americans around the world and American soldiers in particular.

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