Asshole pastor

What am I missing with this nut job pastor from Florida that wants to burn Korans, holy book for Muslims, as a form of protest against the religion?  This ignorant fuck wants to take something sacred and burn it because he's fighting religious zealots.  Is the irony of this lost on anybody?

You have Christians, Jews, Hindus — even Evangelicals, from around the world coming out against this as a bad idea and this guy says he's still moving forward.  Even General David Petraeus, you know, the guy in charge of our war effort in Afghanistan — he came out today asking for this uninformed moron to stand down. The potential ripple affect this action could have in that part of the world could put American troop's lives in harm's way.  

What is curious to me is that not one politician — local to Florida or at a national level — has come out against this moron in a big, loud way.  What are they waiting for?  They are lining up about an Islamic cultural center in Lower Manhattan like peacocks in heat, but none is making their voice heard over this divisive issues.  Where are the likes of Boehner, McConnell and Cantor on this issue?  Why are they not standing up and protecting our troops?

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