Beck’s Deadheads

Beck Rally My apologies to Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead — and perhaps more importantly, my apologies to their followers a.k.a. 'dead heads.'  But after watching Glenn Beck's dramatic run up to his road-show gospel the other day, one has to believe that these white, numb followers don't have much going on upstairs and have truly earned this moniker.

500,000 people?  Really?  Best estimates had the crowd size at 100,000, but hey when it comes to grey matter and compassion, size doesn't matter.  The rally was a joke and sounded more like an evangelical rally, but why would anyone be surprised.  The only folks that succumb to that sort of drivel are far-right religious zealots anyway.

Alert to the Dead heads — Beck is a Mormon.  And you thought you had the market on crazy cornered.

One thought on “Beck’s Deadheads

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    I was employed at Burger King located in Spring Lake, North Caroliana for two years. My whole time their in this hard economy was vexatious,needless to say Burger King will be sorry to lose a person like me. I was one of those people who went to work ready to go and was dedicated to my job in so many ways, that I’ve never been rewarded for instead just the opposite. I’m a sweet person I’d give anybody a chance,smile, or just be somebody to talk to.
    Many of times their were homeless people from the street walking in smelling one good aroma with their stomach’s hurting they would ask “for a cup of water”. My co-workers would look at them with disgust but I on the other hand would have a conversation with them, ignoring the smell. To me thats what people need sometimes to feel they can be accepted not the exasperating looks or “Hurry Up, take this cup and leave”. The point is I was the person who would go out of her way, if you walk in with a cain I would bring your food out to you. Or if there was a spill I would rush to clean it up. There were many of times I would apologize when I didn’t even know for what. Burger King would always run out of food, or something there would break. People would come in and find out and have a disappointed look on their faces, and I would feel for them, and talk to the child who is waiting in excitement for their kids meal. Well that was me.
    Who are they? Did Burger King deserve me? Did they take any notice at all of my good deeds? Did they see I was trying to make their restaurant a better place?! No, not once did I ever get a thank you or even a smile. I’ll tell you what I did get, abuse,racism,slander,betrayel from management and other employees. I was a quiet little white girl getting ganged up on, and worst of all it would happen in front of a line full of customers. I used to say why would they do this to me? My family and friends would say it’s because I’m a good person and they take advantage of that good nature inside me. The way the world is people need good people around why hate on them.
    Burger King in Spring Lake, NC is a mad house I have dealt with so much pain,fearfullness,anger and depression, still having to face that place every day. I’m a mother trying to raise her kids during these tough economic times. Went to work try to keep to myself but they would never let me. It started getting so bad they started putting it on my Dear parents too. We were called the KKK, a black full restaurant I walked into everyday and they thought, I was part of the KKK. Worst of all they said that my parents were too. I’ve had trays put to my face with a threat behind it chased around the store, hats thrown at me, sexual harrasment in the stock room, name calling, knives being drawn on my father and so much more.
    Is that what Burger King calls a place of business? Or a safe work envioriment? For good hearted people like me. I’m not a gangster I don’t talk gangster like every else did in that place. Well a few people ended up getting fired for what they did to me, some are still there. As for me I couldn’t do it anymore. I finally had to walk away, the fear of getting jumped in the parking lot or stabbed, going to start my day at work wondering whats going to happen is gone. I’m more at ease and happy now and can live my life in peace.
    Parents just think of your kids trying to get a high-school job, Would you want them to work in a place like that? Thats all I keep thinking about for my own daughter and two sons. So I left Burger King which is not fair for me to be with (lost wages and suffering to pay bills). But its worth not dealing with the abuse anymore. For the people who don’t believe my heartache the cameras don’t lie.

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