Refresh Mr. President, refresh

Let me see if I got this right,…. President Obama takes a trip with his daughter to the Gulf area to show that it is safe to go back into the water, and no issue.  He takes his family to Martha's Vineyard for summer's last outing and he's criticized for not having spent more time in the Gulf area.  What, has all the nation's problems been addressed that this is now newsworthy?

If you've ever been to both places, you'd understand why anyone would choose Martha's Vineyard over the Gulf.  The weather in the Gulf in August is horrible.  High humidity and stormy weather — compared to low 80 temps and mild humidity in picturesque Martha's Vineyard.  Tough decision.

How about the haters finding something else to bitch about, like the fact that we still don't have politicians that play nicely in DC. 

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