The ‘near’ Ground Zero non-issue

You can tell it's an election year and a slow news month when a non issue comes to the fore as the most important piece of news of our time.  No, not the lagging jobs market or the fact that the economy still sucks.  Talking about the group that wants to build an Islamic social center in Lower Manhattan in a decrepit building near a strip joint.

But wait, that group happens to be hard-working moderate Muslims that have followed every letter of the law to get to this point, only to have the matter taken over by politicians.  So this is where the slow news month and the fact thata mid-term election is approaching rears its ugly head.  Politicians desperate to win or keep an existing position sell their souls for the voter's attention, and his vote. 

Disgusting that these politicians, mostly Republicans plus that Democrat pussy Reid ("but he's in a tough fight for his seat!") have returned to the only way they know — stir fear in the hearts of weak, non-thinking people.  Proof: the media outlet frenzy in recent days around the group that wants to "build a mosque at Ground Zero."  Ugh.  It is neither a mosque nor is it at Ground Zero, but who cares about accurate reporting when headlines stir the masses?

Not sure who to be upset with, stupid people who believe this drivel or the stupid people that produce it.  Oh yeah baby, I'm back.

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