South Beach. Big Deal!

Can you believe how many suckers, myself include, that actually sat around the TV tonight watching ESPN so we can find out what team Lebron James chose to move to of the six that were bidding for his services?  Such an embarrassing waste of time this past week as he and ESPN set up this live interview so he can tell us which team he'll play for –  Really?

Forget for a moment that this despicable display of NBA hype even took place — did you get a good look at The King and his mug?  Was it the facial hair or is it just me, but is his face and head disproportionately big?  I know what you're thinking — steroids.  Hey, we saw the same look on the likes of McGuire and Bonds in baseball.  Not saying it is so, but he should lose that beard for sure.

And Lebron better get used to sharing the ball more and having less of the press clamor around his locker after each game — he will definitely have to alter his style.  

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