Perez Who?

Who gives a shit about this douche bag Perez Hilton — what idiot changes his name so that it sounds like Paris Hilton?  That should give you a clue about this dick.  And why is he important anyway?  Why does this bottom-feeding moron get the press that he does, or end up as a celebrity participant on ANY program?

Well hope that soon they'll add pornographer to his list of menial accomplishments.  He shared a shot of Miley Cirus (you know, the UNDER-AGED tween idol) as she was getting out of a car and it happened that the photographer caught her sans underwear.  I saw the edited version and you know me, I'm not usually shy to re-produce anything at this site — but I am even staying away from that version.

Hilton has always been a creepy, ugly dude with no talent really.  He's gay so he seems to get a pass as if criticism of his nonexistent talent is an indictment on his lifestyle — but his 15 minutes surely must be over by now.  If you think I'm overreacting — quick, tell what this scumbag does.  He hosts a web site that belittles Hollywood's famous, including doctoring photos of women speaking or singing into microphones as though they're performing oral sex acts.  It's not entertainment, it's just a moron with other stupid followers.

(Okay, I know that last sentence has you nodding your head and stopping to think …… "moron with other stupid followers."  Don't roll your eyes and DON'T leave this site — you're not an stupid follower of mine and this site.  I care for you.  Honest.  And besides, I'm not a moron.)

Hilton (Mario, actually) took down the nasty picture but the damage has been done.  So now here is to hoping that this loser finally gets the recognition he deserves — as a gay peddler of child porn.  And while the feds are at it, get the photographer that took the picture and sold/gave it to Hilton, because he is also a douche that peddled child porn.  

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