BlindsidedOkay, I did NOT see that coming, but not complaining.  Looks like Ms. Bullock is feeling pretty okay in public now, and that's a good thing.  Not sure if this was simply a nervous reaction when she got up to Scarlett Johansson — Betty White only got a peck on the cheek just
prior to this — or if it was a message to her douche bag ex as though
to say, "hey pal, you could have played right here in your own back
yard! "

Whatever the reason, lots of folks didn't seem to mind that she did this.  She went on to make a joke about it asking now that this was out of the way, could we just allow things to get back to normal.  I'm pretty good with "not so normal" for a little while longer!   And is the irony lost on anyone that Bullock has now kissed a husband and wife pair?

Could this be a sort of 'thank you' for Scarlett sharing husband Ryan Reynolds in the blockbuster The Proposal and again in their upcoming Most Wanted?  Eat your heart out Jesse James.

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