Murderous Israeli Government. Again.

Cannot believe the stupidity of the Israeli government and that they murdered civilians in international waters.  The international outrage has been fierce, but what will happen to the terrorists that run that country?  From what I can tell, probably not much.  And that is a shame.

It never ceases to amaze me that the people who lost millions to the murderous hands of Hitler's forces are themselves the murderers.  It isn't just this event, it goes back decades in their oppression of the Palestinian people.  Apartheid should not be tolerated anywhere, let alone a first-world country like Israel.  What is difficult to understand is if this is the make-up of the Jewish people or the make-up of their poor leadership.

They need to figure that out because it is becoming more and more difficult to separate the two.  The Jews live in luxury, taking over land and displacing the Palestinians, who are both Muslim and Christian, while they  have access to the best farm land, the best schools, hospitals — on and on.  And the Palestinians — they have a fucking 20 foot wall they're enclosed in and for the past three years, a blockade to the basics such as medical supplies, food and fuel. 

So I ask again — where is the outcry from the Jewish people from around the world?  Where is the outcry from the Jews here in America?  You can't continue to bury your head in the sand when your people do these heinous acts — no different than we hold the Muslims in this country to the same standard.  Still waiting to hear you.

One thought on “Murderous Israeli Government. Again.

  1. Speaking of hypocrisy: I thought Obama was going to bring our military home. He is now looking like more of the WARMONGER THAN GEORGE BUSH. If you still think this is about 9/11, you need to see a shrink. (Read “Secret and Suppressed” by Jim Keith to find out what this is really about now. What do I mean? Have you ever heard about the fight between the Northern and Southern Jurisdictions of FREEMASONRY? To them, the rest of us are just pawns in their fight for power. It is never to late to learn the truth!)
    Obama Secretly Deploys U.S. Special Forces to 75 Countries across World
    P.S. When did we LAWFULLY declare war on 75 countries?

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