Fat finger my ass

It is astounding that 'some event' triggered a nearly 1,000 point fall of the Dow Industrials last week and over 72 hours later and there is still no explanation as to what happened during that 20 minute free-fall.  We've experienced issues like this  before on a smaller scale and have been able to explain them within hours. 

And don't give me that 'fat-finger' bullshit explanation that some trader entered the sale of a billion shares instead of a million – fat finger refers to mis-keying a number on a keyboard adjacent to another — the one that was meant to be struck or entered.  There are 3 more zeroes in a billion versus a million — that isn't fat finger, that is three more intentional  key strokes!

Don't be fooled people, there was likely something else going down like a sick prank or someone hacking into the system.  Hey, are those Goldman puppets still on Capitol Hill or are they back in NYC??

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