Ignorant bitch, or still angry? Maybe both!

Will Sarah Palin ever shut her mouth?  OMG, it was bad enough to have to listen to her when she was on the campaign trail as VP candidate — but at least then she had handlers that (mostly) kept a lid on her.  Without those handlers, she has been shooting off her ignorance on every topic — the nuclear arms reduction treaty being most recent.

She said that what the president signed into with Russia was "unbelievable" and that "no administration in America's history I think would ever have considered such a step."  Can she be schooled, and quickly?  Couldn't the Fox News talking heads let her know that both presidents Regan and Bush (41) took this step?  Regan proposed it and Bush signed the treaty, which expired several months ago.  And then she went on to draw an analogy of kids on a playground getting into a fight and one asking to be punched in the nose, promising not to retaliate.  No fucking wonder we can't get the likes of Iran and North Korea to take our threats of sanctions seriously — this bitch must be on their respective state-run news programs as inspiration!

President Obama had the final word, taking the high road while letting the world know where he stood with "last I checked, Sarah Palin's not much of an expert on nuclear issues."  Touche Mr. President.

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