Where is the Jewish voice?

How much more should we as Americans and the rest of the international community take from the Israeli government before we say "enough is enough?"  There is blatant disrespect as they thumb their nose at UN resolutions while keeping the Palestinians penned up like caged animals.  So to start their holy week of Passover, they've decided to seal off the West Bank.  And this is the way to be righteous and start your holy period how?

I am sick of that government figuratively bending us over as they literally bend over the Palestinians.  Kick them out of their home only to build illegal settlements on top of existing housing.  It boggles the mind.  And where is the outcry from the Jews?  Think about it — how is this criminal activity and blatant human rights atrocities any different than other terrorist acts?  We asked the Muslim community in this country to be more vocal in denouncing violence by fanatics.  Where are the good people of the book — people of conscience — when it comes to these commonplace acts of violence?  Why aren't the rabbis of the USA making their voices heard?  Let us know where you stand because your silence is deafening. 

2 thoughts on “Where is the Jewish voice?

  1. Video: Military knows Israeli Agents did 9/11
    If the military knows, why doesn’t our government officials. If they know, why are they covering it up?
    P.S. After watching this video, others of interest will be displayed, watch them as well. Wonder why we haven’t seen this information of Hannity, O’Reilly, National news, Meet the Press, etc. Could our press hide something like this from the public? If so, what else could they have hidden from public view?

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