The 69 cent cup of coffee. It’s about time.

Mcd-coffee  Visited my local McDonald's for my morning coffee today and thought I'd do something different.  Instead of waiting in the drive-thru line as usual, I went inside.  See, the Telegraph Road Mickey D's in Dearborn Heights, Michigan has had some service issues lately — the drive-thru isn't the great convenience it used to be.  I'm thinking that with the addition of all the new menu items like fancy coffees and fruit smoothie drinks, it slows up the order completion time.  Hence, longer wait times at the drive-thru.

Went inside, ordered my small cafe, two cream no sugar, and wouldn't you know it — the young girl at the counter looked up at me and charged me the senior discount rate for the coffee.  This happened before several months ago and I posted about it — I remember being shocked and confused.  But this morning — it was like "yeah baby, I just saved 37 cents off the price of a cup of java."  

Yes, the hair is more salt than pepper, but I'm okay with that.  I don't eat at McDonald's, but if I did, I'd really make out! 

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