GOP – Unbelievable

Okay, let me get this straight — President Obama will unveil his version of health care legislation that will include several ideas brought forth by Republicans during the bipartisan summit last week and the GOP has already announced they're against his version.  But wait, did I mention it hasn't been revealed yet?  They haven't even seen what he's proposing and they've already announced that they are against it.

Yes, we have the greatest political structure in the world — checks and balances between the three branches of government.  But for now, it only seems to be the best on paper because the execution of that model is fucked up.  No wonder why so many of us are frustrated with the federal government.

Someone needs to sit down folks from both sides of the aisle — like Bunning, McConnel, Reid, Pelosi, and Shelby and remind them that all the skills they need to succeed as good leaders and stewards of the people's trust, were learned when they were 5 years old.  Share, be nice to others, use your manners, don't fight, keep your hands to yourself (that one may be the most difficult!) and treat others the way you'd like to be treated. 

One thought on “GOP – Unbelievable

  1. This article was found on . It is about how politics work in the USA today. What do you think of it?
    Don’t Look Now, But We’re Winning by Jimm Motyka March 5, 2010

    People no longer trusting either the Republicans or Democrats and are seeking alternatives.
    I’m not going to criticize the Tea Party movement, since that was the beginning of all of this. What the Tea Parties allowed was for people to go gather peacefully into the streets, as to protest this ever growing, intrusive, overtaxing, spend happy, self-serving government. Republicans and Democrats were instrumental in creating policies and global agreements that sent the majority of the United States middle class jobs overseas.

    The Tea Parties represented righteous anger, but displayed by peaceful means. The Obama Joker posters were a great example of that.
    The Democrats were smug in thinking that they didn’t have to pay attention to the Tea Parties. The Republicans, battered from the 2008 elections saw it as an opportunity to snag people to “their side”. So, as in any war tactic, the Republicans infiltrated the Tea Party, via all the (Glenn) Beckkies…. Every speaker had a connection to the Republican Party, yet no one who was a libertarian or Constitutionalist could give any of the key note speeches. In short, it was a complete co-opted.

    The mainstream media then got into the act, dismissing the Tea Parties as just a trend. Then, we had an election, where the country was interested in seeing who would get the vacant Senate seat in Massachusetts. Was the Republican candidate, Scott Brown, the result of all the Tea Parties? I would say “yes”, yet there’s a caveat here. But what was the first thing he did? He voted with the Dems on their legislation. What a disappointment for the Tea Party patriots. The main thing I want to stress to the Tea Party people is that they went back and trusted that one of the two major parties cared about their concerns. That was ultimately the downfall.

    Their people are currently infiltrating the blogosphere. Republican blog plants are telling us that we don’t need a third party candidate, because “their person” is good enough to defeat the Democrats. The Democrats are saying that Obama and this Democrat Party controlled Congress just “needs a chance” and stick with them, so those bad Republicans don’t get in again.
    …They, also, try to convince us that our third party cannot work and is not good for the United States. They use the fear that it only allows more Democrats to get into office. They try to convince us that if the Republicans got in office, we’d return to the days of Reagan. They think we’re unpatriotic for wanting to promote someone with strong Constitutional and libertarian values. The more “they think and try”, the more their agenda is becoming more obvious.

    The whole Patriot Act, enacted by Republicans and Democrats, proved to me that both parties had complete contempt for the Constitution. It didn’t protect our borders and imposed restrictions on the United States citizens, who didn’t do anything wrong. It was everything in the Omnibus Crime Bill that Clinton couldn’t get through, but amazingly, Bush did. There was no need for us to surrender our liberties, just because some horrid action occurred.

    As we say, the lesser of two evils still leaves one with evil. I don’t want evil anymore. I’m done! That’s why I support the Constitution Party platform and its candidates. I would request to anyone reading this, to seek out their alternative to this two party system. And, research your candidates. It’s your duty to follow everything they say and challenge them when they appear to be doing nothing more than telling people what they want to hear.

    I have a new motto.
    “What happens in DC, should stay in DC, because we don’t want a damn thing to do with it!”

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