Don't change the channel, and don't attempt to adjust your screen.  This is only a test.  A test of the Sony Playstation Network.  And if you're an on-line gamer, like I am my kids, then you know what this error code means.  

And if you're old enough to recall the fuss over "Y2K" — this is Sony's y2k.  Something is terribly messed up, and damn it, I am not my kids are not happy.  Millions of on-line users playing Call of Duty and I can only imagine the impact on testosterone all over this great planet.  Little boys and young men not able to kill the Spetsnaz — and cuss like sailor in total anonymity — oh the humanity.

I'll come clean — I am a fan.  My game name is igotissues_com and my clan tag is [GoTo].  (I know what you're thinking.  It is clever, thank you.)  My sons are players too, and if there is one silver lining since this network flap 24 hours ago — homework is getting done on time in my home, much to their chagrin.

Sony says they've figured out the bug, but nothing I've read on their network blogs leads me to believe they have a clue.  There is no discussion about when the problem will be fixed or what the impact will be to us users once it is addressed — will they even be able to get the system download to us?  The bug currently stops us from signing on, so if we can't get to sign-on, how can we get far enough into the process for them to push down the fix?  The problem is so bad, you can't even play the device in an offline mode — so you can't even enjoy a game without the network.  

I am guessing that we will find that Sony sources out certain components to the same supplier used by Toyota and that all the PS3 players across the world will be recalled to replace a faulty accelerator.  Not hating.

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