Tick tock, you don’t stop.

Similar to the rules in football when an athlete gets too many concussions and has to hang up his spikes, should there be a rule in politics when an old, white has-been politician has more than 4 heart attacks, he has to hang up his Brooks Brothers suit?

I mean really, I'm glad that Dick Cheney survived his 5th go with his ailing heart, but c'mon — the big guy upstairs is trying to tell you to slow down.  (And no, I'm not talking about Karl Rove, you know — the other big guy.)

This would be a great time for Cheney's doctors to tell him to quit — quit the Sunday news circuit and quit bashing the current administration.  They should tell him to quit hating, as it does his heart no good.  Tell him to quit making the rounds as the history around his time in office has already been written and it isn't good.  Yes, it is time for Dick Cheney to stop worrying about trying to distract this nation from the woes brought forth from his 8 years in the White House — we are too smart a people to continue to allow fear to control us. 

We've moved on Dick, and you should too.

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