Mile high club. Almost.

There I was, first class seat on my way to L.A. last week and I'm sitting next to this hot chick.  I swear it was one of those Kardashian sisters from reality TV.  Not sure, I don't really watch them but I see their appearances on Leno and Letterman — pretty sure Kim is the hot one that likes to cook.  

Anyway, we're having nice conversation and I'm thinking "cool, she is into me."  She keeps playing with her BlackBerry, and it appeared she was texting.  If I was in coach class, I would have turned on her quickly and asked her to shut down her device — it's against the rules you know!  But not in first class — she must've been someone important.

She keeps checking me out as though she's curious about something.  Then she asks.  "Are you an Air Marshal?"  I'm thinking, WTF — this may be my chance to move this relationship to the next level.  (Forget that my wife and 4 kids are sitting in coach, I'm making a plan here!)  I looked at her, looked around as though I was trying to keep a low profile, kept a straight face, and said "yeah, but don't tell anyone."  That was it — I'm thinking I'm in for sure.

She turned to her stupid texting device and keyed in something.  She shut the device down, finished her glass of wine, leaned back and went to sleep.  Not another word the rest of the flight.  But hey, I have a great story to tell my friends.

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