Konnichiwa (kon-nee-chee-WAH)

Toyota's troubles mount and for the first time ever for this brand, we've seen them really make a mess of things.  From the top-selling brand in this country to the center of a three-ring circus of controversy over the quality of their vehicles.  And don't be fooled — this isn't about recent quality, it's about failing quality over the past several years.  We're just hearing about it but look at these various recalls — problems that go back several years and cross several models.  Thirty four deaths attributed to sticky gas pedals — to date.  That number expected to triple when all is said and done.  

We hear today about problems with the Corolla name plate — the top-selling vehicle world wide.  Wow.  This manufacturer should be fined and their executives indicted on charges related to hiding this situation and causing the death of innocent people.  

C'mon Toyota, try to keep up.  Kaizen.

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