Silent, Kevin

Kevin Smith I am so tired of hearing fat-ass Kevin Smith complain about his treatment on Southwest Airlines — poor baby was asked to deplane because he was over weight and had only purchased one seat.  This isn't about the rights of large folks, it's about large folks — really big people — that should be asked to buy two seats for two important reason: 

  1. So I don't have to be wedged in between your fat ass and the window, or worse — a middle seat between two big people.
  2. The plane's weight isn't out of balance because all the seats are filled with one butt and some of the folks are huge. 

Smith needs to get a grip on the situation.  Sure, he was embarrassed, now take that as motivation to lose some weight.  He should have  purchased two seats, as he said he usually does but didn't this time, and this wouldn't have been an issue.  Tired of people using their fame as some sort of torch — get off the sofa bitch and lose the pounds.

Airlines have rules and we ALL have to abide by them.  I can't smoke on the plane.  Muslims can't pray on the plane.  Sara Palin can't carry her gun onto the plane.  Why is this rule any different?  Now if Smith would just slip into one of his characters…..

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