What a country

Have you heard the recent story of the Nintendo Entertainment System that fetched over $13,000 on eBay?  Here's a paragraph from the story this week on Yahoo's pluggedin site:

Last week, North Carolina eBay user lace_thongs35 thought she was
putting up an everyday, 80s-era Nintendo Entertain
ment System (together
with five games) up on the popular auction site.
But less than an hour after the first bid, the price was over $6,000 —
and on Wednesday, when the auction closed, the final selling price
topped $13,000.

Is that unbelievable or what!  lace_thongs35 — that is so hot.  I'd probably buy anything from her, even an old video system.  Oh sure, the story goes on to say it had something to do with a highly coveted game she was including with the sale, Stadium Event — in it's original box, but who cares about that.

Let's be real here:  the story is about this seller's screen name — I'd want to see pictures of her and better understand how she came up with that name!  (Unless, of course, we found out that it's really a man.  Then this would be a sick story of some pervert nerd who just scored huge selling his old unit video console.)

3 thoughts on “What a country

  1. LOL…..I am far from a man!!!…Go to my Ebay page and you will see a pic…I am very much a woman within every inch of ME……like Marilyn Monroe once stated, “I don’t mind living in a man’s world, as long as I can be a woman in it”…That in which I am!…The auction had absolutely nothing to do with my “Screen Name”….it was the highly sought after game, original cardboard box, and the original manual “Stadium Events”…..The initial way that the name was started was thru a gamesite that I use to play in…back than I was registered as “lace_thongs31” as “31” was my age…..but unfortunately someone went into my Yahoo and hacked it and took over the name…so when I came back to the gamesite, I re-registed as “lace_thongs35” which was at the time my age…I am now 39!!!….Is there something wrong with a woman feeling secure enough about herself that she can’t use the name “lace_thongs”?…Who’s to say that I don’t wear them?…Now, with your statements that you have made above, that is what is wrong with OUR country!….Anymore questions?

  2. Your pic is pretty hot, but it’s too small and lacks any proof that you EARNED your screen name. So the rest is up to you — how do my legions of followers on this site know you really wear lace thongs?

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