Viva The Big 3

It's sad that Toyota took so long to recall the several million vehicles that have gas pedal problems.  It took for hundreds of reports of sudden acceleration, vehicle wrecks and people dyeing before they got their shit together.  Should have taken a page out of the GM play book and made that call sooner.   

Then to go ahead and deny the breaking problem with their hybrid was another mistake, something you don't usually see from Japanese companies.  Their company leaders often fall on their sword (figuratively and literally) from shame and embarrassment when they err, especially when human lives are lost.  

Recall this all goes back to what company leader Toyoda wanted us to believe were sloppy floor mats.  I said it back then that this was much more than floor mat wedging under a gas pedal — it was too convenient.  (Remember the 9 1 1 call from a passenger in a Lexus whose pedal was stuck as they reached speeds of 95 miles per hour before crashing to their untimely death?  Floor mat my ass.)

Public relations nightmare.  Loss of public trust.  And a case study in how not to handle product crisis.  I will never buy or lease another one of their vehicles.  Long live the domestic automaker — it's time to switch to a Ford!

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