Doctor office shuffle

I know, I must be the only one that arrives on time for a doctor
appointment and then has to wait. Little disconcerting to see 5 others
sitting in the wait area – but hey, there are two doctors here so no
big deal. Except that you learn quickly that it is first in, first
back. WTF? I saw appointment times on the sign I clipboard that were
after mine so why were those patients taken first? You reward these
assholes for being early. That defeats the whole point of appointment
times. Of course I want to bring it up to the the 20-something behind
the counter but it is likely her process. Ever complain to someone who
hold your fate in their hand? Like sending food back and bitching
about the cook – your burger ends up on the floor before it makes it
to your bun. Not wise. So here I sit waiting……going on 40 minutes.
Just wait until I get the customer survey.

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